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Approved is Better
Why Approved is Better
While Australians used to go straight to their local bank for their home loans, we now have a lot more choice when it comes to property finance - these days, people prefer the assistance of a Mortgage Broker or consultant.

Why? The answer is simple...

Mortgage Brokers like Approved Home Loans, offer a whole range of advantages the banks can't match!
...the convenience of home service, comparison of banks and non-bank lenders and we ease your paperwork burden.

The result is the ideal loan for your personal circumstances!

The difference could amount to tens of thousands of dollars over the life of your home loan, commercial loan or investment loan!

Please select options to the right to find out how you can benefit by choosing Approved!

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We work for You right across Australia
A consultant working with you and for you!

Your Approved Home Loans Mortgage Consultant is familiar with our huge range of loans from our panel of over 30 lenders - and our job is to match you with the right loans for your needs. Our focus is on finding the loan that's right for you.

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A Choice of Loans
We'll help you choose the Ideal Loan

A bank or single lender has a much smaller range of loans than we do, so they will try to sell you a loan that may not be the most suitable for your circumstances.

At AHL we'll compare loans from the major banks and large financial lenders from all over Australia. Only when we've been through this process, using our specially developed software, will we present you with a shortlist of loans for your consideration.

Once you have decided which loan to go with, your dedicated mortgage broker will assist you through the entire loan application and settlement process - and your broker will continue to be there for you in the future when you need further finance, property and loan related advice or assistance.

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Easy Home Loans
Get a simple and easy explanation of loans on offer

Many people (and we don't blame them!) find understanding loan products a tedious and challenging task.

At AHL we do our best to make it as simple as possible and give you a clear and easy to understand description of your loan options. We make choosing a loan easy by guiding you through the loans and mortgage maze!

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Our network of AHL Consultants
Approved Home Loans offers specialist and award winning Loan Consultants. Our consultants help people with loans every day and are familiar with the best and worst features of loan products.

Our loan brokers will come to you, at a time that suits you! They will help you avoid the pitfalls and reap the rewards of choosing a loan that best suits your individual circumstances.

And by the way, up to 80% of new clients to Approved Home Loans are from personal referrals by happy customers!

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Why Approved is Better

We Work For You

A Choice of Loans

Loans Made Easy

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